Free Planning

Four Easy Steps  to the Perfect Meeting, Training or Conference Room.

We provide a FREE planning service to enable you to get your conference room / meeting room / training room looking just how you want it.

State of the art technology enables you to view your complete room layout prior to making a purchase! 

Practical advice is given by room planning professionals to maximise the potential of any room. 

Instantly changeable 3D colour images show how easily your room can be transformed. 

Total solution service integrates tables, chairs, projectors, trolleys, screens, rail systems, boards, easels and much more!

There are just a few short steps to the free planning service.  After the initial telephone call they are as follows:-

    Identify requirement for re-fitting of training/conference room

   Our expert attends consultation with end-user

   Black and white floor plan of proposed Meeting / Training / Conference Room 

      is   Prepared, then Colour Floor Plan, then 3-dimensional Colour Plan.       

         Free planning diagram    free planning 3D diagram

We provide practical advice on room layouts so you can maximise the potential of your room.  With professional plans and 3D colour images, we can show you how your conference, meeting or training room can be transformed!

    Trouble-Free Installation by Professionals.

Where required, we can also arrange a quotation for delivery and installation, so all you have to do is decide which accessories will complete your professional look!

So why wait?  It will cost you nothing and there is no obligation on your part.  If you want a free planning service for your conference room, meeting room or training room call ABT NOW!

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