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If you are looking for Conference Room Furniture or Office Furniture you have come to the right place.  AB Technology (London) Ltd. (ABT) in partnership with Acco Brands Corporation (ABD) offer a wide range of Conference Room Furniture and Office Furniture to choose from with a


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to go with it.  For a winning combination use ABT and Acco Brands for all your Conference Room Furniture and Office furniture requirements.

conference room furniture

On this site you will find conference room furniture, meeting room furniture and training room furniture and office furniture including tables, chairs, modesty panels, trolleys, lecterns, electronic copy boards, rail systems, flipcharts, holders, projection screens, dry wipe and notice boards, plus links to our Audio Visual website where you will be presented with a wide choice of projectors from a number of major manufacturers.  Quite apart from conference room furniture, office furniture and the other equipment listed above, a conference room should ideally include, apart from conference room furniture, many other items including name badges, marker pens, notepads and writing instruments, board erasers, to name but a few.  Your guests will also need refreshments.  With the exception of the latter item, everything you could possibly need to hold a successful conference is available from ABT.

The office furniture that we supply is sourced from more than ten manufacturers.  As a consequence of this wide range of manufacturers, ABT are able to offer executive office furniture, as well as contemporary and modern office furniture.

In today’s information age, products that support consumers’ productivity are more essential than ever. Meeting our customers’ needs today, while anticipating and being prepared to meet their needs tomorrow and in the years ahead, will continue to be critical elements of ABT's  long-term success.  To enquire about our Free planning service for conference room furniture and office furniture call ABT NOW on Freephone 0800 389 1304.



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